Williams Crusher leads the industry in size reduction equipment for the power industry, including coal pulverizers for solid fuel combustion and limestone prep systems for fluid bed combustors.

The consistency of the material that needs to be reduced and dried is a key factor in determining the right thermal processing equipment for your application. Pastes and slurries require an industrial process system that includes custom feeders and higher temperatures in the dryers, while powders can be processed in a wide range of thermal processing equipment like pulverizers and impact dryer mills. All Williams thermal processing systems go beyond just drying solids. Any of our industrial processing machines are capable of heating, pulverizing, crushing, shredding, and anything else you may need to meet your process requirements.

Williams Patent Crusher offers custom thermal processing equipment for the some of the power industry’s unique applications, such as the Coal Pulverizers and Limestone Prep Systems described below.  If you are unsure of the type of thermal processing system needed to complete your project, our dedicated and knowledgeable sales engineers can create a customized solution for all your thermal processing equipment needs.

Coal Pulverizers for Solid Fuel Combustion

Williams Vertical Roller Mill Pulverizers are perfect for coal and pet coke applications requiring fine to ultra-fine particle sizes for direct firing into boilers and kilns. With a Williams coal pulverizer, you get a thermal processing system with better reliability, constant product size control, and reduced energy requirements. Learn more about our coal pulverizers for solid fuel combustion.

Coal Pulverizers for Solid Fuel Combustion - Williams Patent Crusher


Limestone Prep Systems for Fluid Bed Combustors

Williams Direct-Fired Roller Mill Pulverizers and Impact Dryer Mills have proven to be very effective for direct-injection of dry sorbent lime or limestone into the CFB or combustion process. The Williams limestone grinding machines have proven to be an essential part of circulating fluidized bed technology. Learn more about our roller and dryer mills.

Direct Fired Roller Mill Pulverizer and Impact Dryer Mill for Limestone - Williams Patent Crusher


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