Reversible Secondary Shredder - Williams Patent CrusherWilliams offers a complete line of one-way and reversible secondary. Secondary shredders have been designed to meet the specific requirements of fuel preparation. Proven rugged design, minimized maintenance costs, absolute control of particle size for combustion efficiency and optimized power consumption are achieved with this design.

Covered Rotor Downdraft Shredder 

These secondary shredders provide a downward airflow to assist in control of fugitive emissions to the atmosphere. Features include:

  • Six staggered rows of hammers permit multiple variations of hammer position to provide optimal shredding
  • Hammers can be reversed to offer four individual cutting edges
  • Exclusively designed cage bars assure positive control of product size and can be reversed (top for bottom) when worn
  • Large metal trap helps reduce internal mill damage with uncrushables

Reversible Secondary Shredders 

Equipped with downdraft, these reversible shredders provide all the advantages of unidirectional shredders, plus:

  • Longer operating campaigns between scheduled maintenance periods
  • Improved product size control due to the reversible rotor and adjustable breaker plates

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