Gypsum Mills & Pulverizers

Williams Patent Crusher offers industrial equipment designed to reduce sedimentary rock into gypsum that can be used by building material manufacturers. Our machinery has a wide range of functionality designed to meet your unique particle size reduction needs.

Gypsum is used in a variety of agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications. Williams Patent Crusher's experienced representatives will work with you to find the right gypsum pulverizer for your industry.

What is Gypsum Powder Used for?

This dried powder is typically used for the manufacturing of gypsum wallboard (drywall) found in homes and commercial buildings.

Gypsum powder can also be used as a base to create plaster of Paris, glass making and to set retarder in Portland cement.

Gypsum is also commonly used in a wide range of agricultural applications, such as:

  • Acid soil amelioration
  • Sodic soil reclamation
  • Feedlot surface stabilization
  • Fertilizer
  • Other soil conditioning purposes


What is a Gypsum Powder Grinding Mill or Pulverizer?

A gypsum powder grinding mill or pulverizing machine from Williams Patent Crusher will reduce your large rock materials into smaller materials. This makes the gypsum easier to work with. Our machines are engineered to handle any gypsum size reduction project.

Williams’ machinery is suitable for the processing of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) gypsum and natural gypsum rock. FGD is a type of gypsum that falls under the category of synthetic gypsum.

These machines are suitable for manufacturers of drywall, fertilizers and others who need a large volume of fine ground gypsum.


How is Gypsum Manufactured?

Natural gypsum, also known as “calcium sulfate dihydrate,” is a mineral that’s found in sedimentary rock formations. This mineral can be found in 85 different countries, making it an abundant resource and a popular export in many nations.

The rock containing gypsum is mined or quarried, then pulverized to a fine powder. After being transformed into a powder, the powder undergoes calcining. Calcining is the process of removing water from the powder.


Williams Patent Crusher Gypsum Mills & Pulverizers

Our engineers have designed a line of machines for a wide range of application sizes. Browse the machines below to find the gypsum mill suitable for your project.

Gypsum Pulverizers

William’s Gypsum Pulverizers are completely automatic and maintain low operating costs when fine grinding gypsum. These gypsum mills have easily replaceable parts and automated process controls.

Our engineers design gypsum mills that can pulverize or granulate gypsum. These machines are also capable of simultaneously air classifying and drying the material while it undergoes the pulverizing process.


Blue vertical roller mill pulverizer used for coal grinding - Williams Patent Crusher


Impact Dryer Mills

A Williams Impact Dryer Mill grinds, dries, classifies, and conveys gypsum simultaneously with an automated, “push button” operation. These machines are commonly referred to as Crusher Dryer or Dryer Mills.

This type of gypsum mill is a reliable investment for drying and grinding by-product gypsum for use in wallboards.


Industrial site with blue impact dryer mill used for grinding, drying, classifying, and conveying materials - Williams Patent Crusher


Gypsum Hammer Crushers

William Patent Crusher’s highly qualified engineers design custom hammer crushers capable of handling any size reduction for gypsum material.

We are the first hammer mill manufacturer to patent mid-air impact crushing. This has given us a breadth of experience and recognition that ensures your gypsum-crushing project gets completed at the highest quality.


White slugger crusher hammer mill for applications that require a large feed opening - Williams Patent Crusher


Single Roll Crushers

Williams Single Roll Crushers have a simple design for long-lasting use. These machines are economical and versatile for grinding gypsum.

Our Single Roll Crushers reduce gypsum material with a combination of impact, shear, and compression processes. The Single Roll Crusher can handle large feed sizes at a high reduction ratio. This makes this machine a great choice for many gypsum crushing applications.


Two blue single roll crushers used for coal crushing - Williams Patent Crusher


Find the Right Gypsum Mill for Your Application Today

Williams Patent Crusher has over 150 years of experience in designing and servicing industry-leading gypsum pulverizing equipment.

Contact us today to discuss your application in detail with one of our experienced sales engineers. Call (314) 621-3348, email us at or locate an agent near you.