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Through continuous innovation and dedication to quality, Williams Patent Crusher has become the industry leader in coal-crushing and pulverizing equipment. We’ve maintained that commitment for over 150 years and strive to keep it that way.

Our engineers have designed the most advanced coal pulverizing and crushing systems in the field. Are you looking for a direct-fired coal pulverizer, a low-capacity coal size reduction machine, or something in between? Williams has you covered.

At Williams Patent Crusher, we set ourselves apart from other crusher and pulverizer companies. This is done with our diverse product line and customized systems for a variety of applications. We work with our clients to develop state-of-the-art crushing machines. Also, we provide the best size-reduction solution for each application.

Learn more about the products we manufacture for the coal industry. This will help you decide which machine is right for your application.

How Do You Pulverize Coal?

Coal is crushed to desired fineness between spheres or cylindrical rollers. After that, air from the boiler is heated to around 330°C (650°F). The raw coal is then fed into the pulverizer where it is ground into fine coal particles.

What are the Advantages of Pulverized Coal?

Pulverized coal produces a larger amount of heat than traditional coal. This leads to more fuel-efficient and easier-to-burn low-grade fuel sources.

This type of coal fineness increases the surface area for burning. This leads to an increased combustion rate and shelf life of the coal. Pulverized coal is typically used in power plants heated in fired furnaces.

Coal Pulverizers for Solid Fuel

Williams’ Vertical Roller Mill Pulverizers are perfect for coal and pet coke applications. These normally require fine to ultra-fine particle sizes for direct firing into boilers, kilns, and screen plates. This type of coal pulverizer mill uses centrifugal force to grind solid fuels while maintaining low operating costs.

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Our Coal Pulverizing Products

Williams is one of the world’s leading coal pulverizer manufacturers. We have the most advanced direct-fired coal pulverizing system in the field today.

Our coal pulverizers are designed to provide improved system reliability, constant product feed size control, and reduced energy requirements.

Pulverizers & Coal Grinding Roller Mills

William’s Vertical Roller Mill Pulverizers utilize centrifugal force to grind coal particles while maintaining low operating costs. This product features easily replaceable wear parts, automated process controls, and infinite turndown thanks to VFAC drives. These machines are perfect to use as a coal mill.


Blue vertical roller mill pulverizer used for coal grinding - Williams Patent Crusher


Direct Fired Roller Mills

Our Direct Fired Roller Mills are a great asset for pulverizing coal and petroleum coke fuel. These are used for direct firing into boilers and kilns. These coal mills emphasize system reliability and constant product size control, all while reducing energy costs.


Diagram of Roller Mill with numbers labeling the parts - Williams Patent Crusher


Impact Dryer Mills

Williams Impact Dryer Mills are also known as Crusher Dryers. They are utilized in complete systems where simultaneous grinding and drying, classifying, and conveying of materials in one continuous, automated operation is required. These robust Impact Dryer Mill systems are well-suited for many coal-crushing applications.


Industrial site with blue impact dryer mill used for grinding, drying, classifying, and conveying materials - Williams Patent Crusher


Single Roll Crushers

Williams Single Roll Crushers have a simple and economical heavy-duty construction that helps ensure a long lifetime. The crushing surfaces operate at a fixed distance apart, helping to keep product size consistent. Both oversized pieces and fines are minimized, making the Williams Single Roll Crushers great coal crushers for many applications.


Two blue single roll crushers used for coal crushing - Williams Patent Crusher


Rigid Arm Breakers

The Williams Rigid Arm Breakers are well suited for softer friables, which allows them to be used as a coal crusher. The Rigid Arm Breaker features a unique design by using rigid hammers, rather than swing-mounted. This makes it the ideal machine for large or smaller-scale coal size-reduction applications.


Rigid arm breaker of hammer mill for pulverizing - Williams Patent Crusher


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