Reversible Primary ShredderWilliams offers a complete line of one-way and reversible primary. Depending upon the feed and product desired, a primary shredder can be the only size reduction involved or it can serve as a preparation, or coarse product, mill.

Reversible Shredders

Williams Primary Reversible Shredders have the following advantages:

  • Reversible rotor doubles hammer life
  • Two hydraulically or mechanically positioned reversible impact blocks. Adjustable impact blocks allow adjustment for wear, thus maintaining optimum shredding clearance and efficiency.
  • Reversible cage bars cut grate replacement costs in half
  • Overload Protection – movable impact blocks permit uncrushables to discharge behind cage bars

Down-Running Shredders

Williams Primary Down-Running Shredders are rugged, straightforward, unidirectional mills. They are best suited for industrial refused and light steel or aluminum scrap.

Advantages include:

  • Large feed openings
  • Optional, adjustable breaker plates compensate for wear
  • Large access covers permit easy replacement or reversal of hammers and general maintenance

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