Rotary Disc Screens

Williams Rotary Disc Screens are used for the consistent, high speed separation of oversized and undersized components of municipal, industrial and wood wastes. A Disc Screen is often used as a feeder into shredders or hogs, bypassing pre-sized materials.

Learn more about the benefits and features of Williams’ Rotary Disc Screens below.

Benefits of Williams Rotary Disc Screens

In additional to high-speed separation capabilities, Williams Disc Screens are one of the leading wood chip screening products on the market. In addition to the superior speed and separation capabilities, benefits of the Rotary Disc Screens include:

  • No loosening of shaft assemblies•No lateral or axial shaft movement
  • No dead space at sides of the screen preventing pile-up material
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy maintenance
  • High capacity per unit of screening
  • Efficient and consistent screening abilities
  • Electric or hydraulic drives are available with automatic jam reversing

Features of Williams Wood Chip Screening Equipment

Williams’ Rotary Disc Screens have a variety of features for accurate and consistent particle size reduction and separation of municipal, industrial and wood wastes. Learn more about these features below.

Improved Screening Efficiency

The round wiper on the shaft assembly of the rotary disc screens at the extreme side of the screening area eliminate “dead” space and improve screening efficiency for high speed separation of components.

Lateral Movement Prevention

Williams rotary disc screens are designed with bearing flanges that are held in place by durable stop blocks for the prevention of lateral movement for more consistent separation of materials.

Axial Shaft Movement Prevention

Axial shaft movement is prevented by machined shoulders on the shaft of the rotary disc screens that bear against the inner race of the flanged bearing housing, allowing for more accurate screening.

Optimal Anti-Jam Control

Williams offers an optional anti-jam control feature for our wood chip screening equipment that allows for the disc screen to operate continuously with no downtime due to jamming. This system also includes an automatic shutdown of the machine when the jam condition will not clear thus preventing material from feeding onto an overloaded screen.

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