Feeder Breaker Heavy Duty Mining Equipment - Williams Patent CrusherWilliams Feeder Breakers are engineered and manufactured for heavy duty mining equipment operations. When you purchase a Williams Feeder Breaker, you have a heavy duty machine backed by 150 years of experience.

Williams’ extensive crushing application experience coupled with one of the heaviest designed feeders on the market ensure the Feeder Breaker is a rugged piece of heavy duty mining equipment capable of handling challenging applications.

Williams Feeder Breaker applications include a variety of uses from reducing run-of-mine shale to breaking frozen concentrates. Other applications include reducing various minerals, shale, and coal.


Feeder Breaker Heavy Duty Mining Equipment - Williams Patent CrusherWith these must-have heavy duty mining equipment features, the Williams Feeder Breaker is beyond compare:

  • D8 Track Links
  • 9” Pitch Chain
  • Replaceable, Mud & Snow Segmented Sprockets
  • 1½” thick Manganese Pans
  • D8 Carrier and Return Rollers
  • W 21 x 83 lb. Main and Center Beams
  • W 12 x 53 lb. Cross Beams
  • 30 lb. Rails
  • 5” or 8” Bearings on Breaker
  • Replaceable Mining Tooth Bits
  • 3” thick Center Support Discs
  • Capacities ranging from 500 to 5,000 TPH








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