The Williams Patent Crusher team is constantly looking for opportunities to innovate and design machines that can do more for less, without sacrificing power, reliability, or efficiency.

The Williams impact dryer mills and roller mills offer our customers a complete system that grinds materials, dries, and conveys in one, continuous operation. Williams machines can help you produce a premium, consistent product, at a lower cost per ton.

Impact dryer mills from Williams Patent Crusher can handle materials of high moistures up to 50%, and our roller mills handle material with moistures up to 20%.

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Applications for Simultaneous Grinding & Drying Equipment

Low-abrasive and soft materials of high moisture need to be processed in industrial size reduction machines that can do more than just crush. They need to be processed in machines that can dry, grind, and classify them accurately.

Williams impact dryer mills and roller mills increase yield in our customers’ process because the product size and moisture levels are always consistent. This increases uptime and lowers production costs.

Dryer crushers from Williams are extremely versatile and are capable of processing materials such as:

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Benefits of Williams Dryer Crushers

There are many different reasons our customers choose Williams Patent Crusher machines for their size reduction and drying needs, including increased efficiency and saving on production costs. Learn more about the benefits of adding a Williams dryer crusher to your production line.

Increased Efficiency

Each component of Williams’ dryer mills are carefully selected to ensure high performance and reliability. With multiple capabilities for a variety of applications, Williams dryer crushers have increased uptime. This leads to lowered production costs and maximized efficiency during processing.

Save Energy

Williams dryer crushers typically require less power and less natural gas than our competitors’ machines, and approximately 1600 BTU/lb. of water. This allows our customers to maximize their energy savings without sacrificing performance.

Save Money

Using a Williams roller mill or impact dryer mill eliminates the need for separate equipment for size reduction, drying, and classifying. This reduces your initial equipment investment and leads to ongoing savings with the continuous, automated operations.

Machines Capable of Grinding & Drying

If you need an industrial size reduction machine that can perform simultaneous functions like both grinding and drying, Williams is here to help. You do not have to purchase and install two different machines when you work with Williams. Our Roller Mills and Impact Dryer Mills can reduce the size of low-abrasive and soft materials with high moisture like limestone, clay, and more and dry them all in the same machine.

There are even customization options available if your application requires heavy duty feeder breakers or conveyors and feeders.

Learn more about our dryer crusher machines below to find the right machine for your application.

Roller Mills

Williams roller mills deliver a consistent, uniform grind for almost any application. Our roller mills are particularly suited for material with high amounts of moisture that need to be dried, ground, and classified at the same time. A roller mill from Williams Patent Crusher offers a better value with its simultaneous functions, rather than having to find space for multiple machines. Learn more about roller mills designed and manufactured by Williams.

Ultra Fine Grinding Roller Mill - Willams Patent Crusher


Impact Dryer Mills

Impact dryer mills from Williams are essentially four machines for the price of one. Our proven technology is integrated into a system that simultaneously grinds and dries, accurately classifies, and conveys material in one continuous, automated operation. If you need a dryer crusher that does more, learn more about impact dryer mills by Williams Patent Crusher.

Impact Dryer Mill for Sticky Materials - Williams Patent Crusher


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