Steel Apron Pan Conveyors

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Heavy-Duty Pan Conveyors for Any Application

Williams Steel Apron Pan Conveyors are built to match the superior strength and long service life of Williams crushers, grinders, and shredders as proved in the industry's most demanding materials handling. Williams heavy-duty steel pan apron conveyors withstand repeated severe impact loads over long operating lives.


What are Steel Apron Pan Conveyors?

Steel apron pan conveyors are industrial-grade conveying solutions designed for heavy-duty applications. They consist of a series of overlapping steel pans (or aprons) mounted on a chain-driven conveyor system to transport materials such as aggregates, minerals, and industrial by-products. Steel apron pan conveyors are particularly suited for industries like mining, steel production, and heavy manufacturing, where they efficiently move materials throughout the process.


How do Steel Apron Pan Conveyors Work?

Using a series of interconnected steel pans or aprons, steel apron pan conveyors form a continuous metal belt for transporting materials. The overlapping design of the pans ensures that materials are contained, which is particularly effective in handling materials that are too rough or hot for other types of conveyors.



Steel Apron Pan Conveyor Features

Exclusive Pan Design: The basic pan is constructed with 1/2" thick carbon steel plate, shaped at an inverted angle of 40º. Each pan is "braced like a bridge" by a steel beam, welded to the underside.

Innovative Piano-Hinge Pan Construction: The basic hinge is formed by welding alternately spaced steel tubing to the pan edges. A sleeve of steel tubing is then placed inside the full length of aligned spacers. Finally, a case-hardened steel through-rod is run through the sleeve to tie the entire assembly together.

Case-Hardened Roller Wheels & Bushings: To match the wear resistance and long life of piano-hinge pan construction, the specially machined roller wheels and matched bushings are case-hardened. Thorough, long-lasting lubrication is achieved through fittings recessed into the ends of the through-rod and special O-ring seals in the bushings.

Heavy-Duty Side Bars (Chain): 1/2" thick, AISI 1040 steel double reinforced side bars or links, enhance the life of your conveyor and act as seals at the skirt boards to prevent leaks.

Impact Rails: Under heavy impact loading, the pan assembly is free to deflect downward approximately 1/4" to 3/8". The pan-supporting beams then contact cross-directional impact rails to prevent further deflection. This “controlled flexibility” prevents any bending or deformation of the pans as well as prevents jamming.


Pan Conveyor Applications

Williams steel apron pan conveyors can transport a variety of materials for various applications, including:

  • Mining Operations: Transporting ores, phosphate, bauxite, potash, and other minerals.
  • Cement Manufacturing: Clinker, limestone, shale, and additional raw materials.
  • Steel Production: Handling hot sinter, scrap metal, and slag.
  • Power Plants: Moving coal, hot ash, and other fuels or by-products.
  • Aggregate Processing: Transporting sand, gravel, and stone.
  • Recycling Facilities: Scrap metal, electronics, and bulky recyclable materials.
  • Pulp and Paper: Wood chips, pulp, and other paper-making products.
  • Chemical Processing: Solids, fertilizers, and abrasive chemicals.
  • Waste Management: Municipal solid waste, slag, and ash.
  • Construction Sites: Demolition debris, concrete, and construction materials.


Enhance Your Efficiency with Williams Steel Apron Pan Conveyors

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