Discover the New Low Profile Load Out Lump Breaker System - Patent Pending

The Williams Low Profile Load Out Lump Breaker system offers a unique retrofit solution for existing dry agglomerated powder load-out facilities with space limitations. This application prevents agglomerated material over a selected size from plugging up pneumatic/discharge lines that can cause unacceptable loads.

How the Williams Lump Breaker System Works

This fully automated lump breaker system is programmed to work via an automated sequence that can be initiated via a process signal or manual push button. A low profile screen hopper traps lumps and prevents them from advancing with good, dry product that is being loaded into the lump breaker machine.

A vibrator and fluidizing air header are included to ensure material flow through a small, inline lump screen. A load-out isolation gate at the top of the assembly holds back product while only lumps are crushed as needed. All these features of the lump breaker system enable the screen and crusher sizes to be minimized in order to retrofit existing load-out facilities with space limitations. Existing dust collection systems can be used to air sweep the lump breaker and capture the re-crushed lumps back into the product storage silos, eliminating the need for further material handling systems.


Low Profile Load Out Lump Breaker


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