Robert E. Williams, Jr. - Williams Patent CrusherIn an age characterized by consolidation, acquisition, and mega-mergers, it should be reassuring to know that there is one family-owned and operated business that will remain self-reliant. That is Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Co., Inc.

The benefits of remaining independent may appear dubious to modern business executives for whom building huge corporations and achieving enormous profits are their only goals. To members of the Williams Family, independence means production of the highest quality products, for which there will never be a compromise or substitute.
I am proud to be the fourth generation running our family-owned business. Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Co., Inc. is committed to utilizing employees’ involvement to provide the highest quality products that are driven by customer satisfaction. We strive to provide an environment that allows for an open exchange of ideas, improves technology, recognizes change in the marketplace and responds rapidly to those changes. We strive to maintain our industrial leadership through excellence and product quality, customer service, innovation, and employee involvement.

We will conduct ourselves ethically and in a professional manner, treating all people with dignity and respect in order to promote a team environment, which will allow us to recognize and respond to the ever-changing marketplace in the end.

Contrary to the notions of would-be critics, we pride ourselves for our long-standing stability and we believe that Williams’ customers should accept nothing less.

“The cornerstone to our success is quality, a commitment to innovation, and customer satisfaction.”

– Robert M. Williams, Jr. - CEO