Finding the right industrial pulverizer machine that meets all of your requirements, including reliability and performance can be a challenge, unless you come to Williams Crusher first. Our experienced engineers design custom-built machines, that are rugged, long-lasting, and always reliable. It’s why we’ve been a worldwide industry-leading pulverizing machine manufacturer since 1871.

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Pulverizer Machine Applications

Williams Crusher manufactures and sells custom pulverizer machines suitable for all of your size-reduction needs. By adding an air heater to the system, our wide range of pulverizing machines will reliably and efficiently pulverize or granulate a number of materials while simultaneously air classifying and drying them.

You get an all-in-one solution for reduction and classifying when you leverage a Williams pulverizing machine that’s customized for your project.

The Williams pulverizer machines can be used to reduce the size of materials such as:

Don’t see your application listed? Give us a call to talk about your specific needs. There are many possibilities for Williams Crusher pulverizers, and our sales engineers can help you find the right machine for your needs.

What Does a Pulverizer Mill Do?

Pulverizer machines reduce coarser materials, such as coal and gypsum, to tiny granules or a fine powder for a variety of applications using centrifugal force to grind feed materials. Pulverizing is typically defined as 25 mesh and beyond, reducing particles to a powder form to generate the appropriate material engineering for your specifications. Learn more about the specific particle size options available with Williams pulverizers and size reduction machines.

Customize Your Pulverizing Machine

With almost 150 years of experience designing and manufacturing pulverizer machines, the Williams team can customize each machine to your specific application. You can add an air heater to the system to dry the material before size reduction and classifying. A customized pulverizer from Williams Crusher can give you an all-in-one solution for your particle size reduction needs.

Williams also offers roller mills that can perform multiple functions in one machine. Our roller mills can grind, dry, and classify material like limestone and clay all in one machine for a smaller footprint in your factory and maximized efficiency.

Roller Mill Pulverizer Machines

Williams roller mill pulverizer machines consistently deliver a uniform grind for almost any imaginable application through its use of cylindrical rollers to crush and pulverize material. There are several customization options available for the wide range size of material size reduction requirements. Our machines allow for custom feeder selection to ensure high-capacity and trouble-free application. Some of the other key features of this machine include:

  • Micrometer control of the finished product
  • Fluidized bed drying to promote rapid, efficient drying
  • External gear box to eliminate damage from heat and contamination
  • Infinite turn down ration
  • Mill speed modulation with optional variable frequency
  • Auxiliary mill bottom discharge to permit the production of second granular product

Learn more about these roller mill machines and their key components.

Roller Mill Pulverizing Machine - Williams Patent Crusher


Pulverizers Roller Mills - Williams Patent Crusher


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