Whether it’s for wood recycling, converting wood to alternative fuels, or shredding wood, Williams Patent Crusher’s industrial shredders and wood grinders, Chip Hog®, and wood hogs can get the job done. They are proven performers in the forest products industry and well-known for their reliability.

Our Equipment for Shredding Wood Stands Out in the Industry

Our shredding machines aren’t like your personal mulchers or personal wood chippers. They are for big jobs that require reducing wood waste into smaller, more manageable pieces.

The Williams Crusher team has established itself as the foremost expert in designing and producing top-quality wood shredding equipment and forest products. With our extensive experience and commitment to innovation, we have become the industry leaders in providing efficient and reliable solutions for processing wood materials.

To further enhance the functionality of our wood machines, you can also add a custom rotary disc screen to your wood hogs for high-speed, consistent separation of tree and wood material.

Continue reading to learn more about our field-tested industrial wood grinders. They serve a wide range of industries including logging, clearing, biomass, recycling, and more. When you choose Williams for forest products and equipment, you choose a whole solution for grinding, chipping, and separation.

Contact our sales engineers today to learn how our wood shredding equipment can work for your specific applications.

Applications for Williams Wood Shredding Equipment

One of the main purposes of these wood grinders and shredders is wood size reduction. You can take large pieces of scrap wood, or whatever wood you need reduced, and shrink the size to make recycling easier or to use for different purposes.

There are other uses for forest products aside from reducing wood size. This includes recycling wood for mulch, boiler fuel, particle board production, and more. Industrial wood grinders can accelerate composting wood, be used to convert wood to alternative fuels like cellulosic ethanol, or simply turn scrap into sawdust.

The wood machinery and forest products machines from Williams Crusher can easily handle a wide range of wood types, including dry wood, hardwoods, softwoods, and more, making them the most versatile solutions in the industry.

Features of Williams Wood Size Reduction Machines

Williams Crusher is often the first choice of many professionals in the forestry and wood recycling industries. We are constantly engineering new and innovative designs for crushers, grinders, and pulverizers to meet the needs of diverse applications and industries. We set ourselves apart from the competition with valuable features such as:

  • Reliability
  • Rugged construction
  • Long-operation campaigns
  • Speed
  • Versatility
  • Customization options for all machines

We work hard to develop state-of-the-art size reduction machines for each application, including for our partners in the wood and forestry industries.

Williams Wood Shredding Equipment & Forest Products

Williams Crusher has a wide variety of wood shredding equipment and size reduction machines for biomass material and multiple sizes of wood. Learn more about our machines below to find the right one for your application.

If you’d rather talk to us about your wood shredding needs, contact the Williams team today to discuss your specific requirements. We can help you find the right machines to get the job done.

No-Nife Wood Hogs

Williams No-Nife Wood Hogs or Bark Hogs are proven performers in the forest products industry. Economical size reduction is the first important job for any bark hog or wood hog. No matter what your intent is with the wood, reducing the size of the wood is important whether the wood product is to be sold or used straight from the wood hog, or to be manufactured into secondary products. 

The hogged wood product can be sold for garden mulch, animal bedding, and litter, or it can be used to create particle board and fireplace logs. 

No Nife Wood and Bark Hogs - Williams Patent Crusher


Horizontal  Feed Wood Hogs

Williams Crusher’s Horizontal Feed Wood Hogs are perfect for reducing long, oversized feed material such as flooring, pallets, and more. These industrial wood hogs can be fed with a vibrating fan conveyor designed to match the hog width. 

Like the No-Nife Hog, the wood product from Williams’ Horizontal Feed Hog wood grinder can be sold for garden mulch, animal bedding, and fuel. They can even be used to create particle board and fireplace logs. 

Horizontal Feed Wood Hogs - Williams Patent Crusher


Chip Hogs®

Williams Chip Hogs® offer the heavy-duty, high-capacity features of a primary wood hog or bark hog combined with the fine-grinding capabilities of a secondary hammer mill. They are available with capacities of up to 100 TPH. 


Chip Hogs - Williams Patent Crusher


Rotary Disc Screens

Williams Rotary Disc Screens are rugged and self-cleaning for the high-speed, consistent separation of oversized and undersized components. A Williams Rotary Disc Screen pairs perfectly with a wood hog or bark hog for a complete forest products solution. 

Rotary Disc Screens - Williams Patent Crusher


Find the Right Application for You

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