Discover this new run-of-mine primary crusher.

Steel Pan Converyor - Williams Patent Crusher

The Williams all-new MineSizer Primary Crusher is a heavy-duty and economical option for run-of-mine applications. Crushing material efficiently in a compact space, the Williams MineSizer Primary Crusher can reduce material as large as 60” in diameter down to 10-12” in one pass at high tonnages up to 500-2000 tons per hour, while taking up less space than traditional primary crushers.

MineSizer Primary Crusher Benefits & Features

Long-Lasting Shafts & Rotors

The Williams MineSizer Primary Crusher boasts heavy-duty, oversized, heat-treated alloy steel shafts with self-aligning, roller-type bearings to ensure long life and efficient use of power. The dual rotors on this run-of-mine crusher feature easy-to-access replaceable mining tips, and the slow speed, dual-shaft design allows for finite product sizing control and minimizes fines.

Simple, Advanced Controls

Inclusion of an automated control panel allows for automatic unjamming action via rotor reversal, and easy resetting minimizes shutdowns. Speed reducer units allow low speed operation to be coupled with high torque for maximum crushing force while minimizing power usage.

Versatility in Applications

The Williams MineSizer Primary Crusher is capable of handling a variety of materials including coal, limestone, and other soft minerals with moisture content up to 15-20%. Multiple sizes of this mineral crusher are available to accommodate a range of applications.

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