Reversible Hammer Mill Crusher - Williams Patent Crusher

Williams Patent Crusher has designed a reversible hammer mill that is characterized by the ability to reverse the direction of the rotor that supports the hammers. This ability brings fresh grinding edges into action, minimizing the frequency of servicing the machine. You can increase production, double the life of the hammers, and reduce maintenance time and costs.

If you’re looking to get a lot of value out of your hammer mill crusher, the Reversible Hammer Mill might be your top choice. Learn more about the advantages and applications of the Williams Patent Crusher Reversible Hammer Mills below.

Advantages of Using a Reversible Hammer Mill

In addition to the ability to change the direction of the rotor for fresh grinding edges, Williams Reversible Hammer Mills also offers the following advantages:

  • All Williams’ reversible hammer mill crusher models can be directly connected to a reversible electric motor. This utilizes both sides of the hammers and both working surfaces of the grinding plates and screens­—all without opening the reversible hammer mill. That makes it easy for your team to use and cuts down on service times.
  • The grinding chamber is identical on both sides of the vertical center line. This provides a double set of grinding plates and sizing screens which virtually doubles their service life.
  • Additional service life is provided by breaker and grinding plates which can be adjusted to maintain original close settings to hammers. The grinding plates are also reversible top-to-bottom.
  • Reversible hammer mill crushers offer heavy duty construction throughout.
  • Easy-opening access covers for servicing all parts, so you can get your reversible hammer mill crusher back up and running again quickly with minimal downtime.
  • Optional air connection for pneumatic handling of the product.

Applications for Reversible Hammer Mills

Williams’ reversible hammer mill crushers are a preferred choice for the crushing and grinding of materials because they have a wide variety of uses across several different industries and can handle almost any particle size reduction job. The following are the most popular materials for the application of our reversible hammer mills:

  • Clay and other biological and earthly materials
  • Coal—for reduction into a fuel source
  • Limestone—specifically agricultural limestone into digestible particles for livestock
  • Petroleum coke—derived from oil refinement

Why Choose Williams Crusher for Reversible Hammer Mills?

Williams has designed and manufactured industry-leading hammer mills since 1871. The adaptable capabilities of our reversible hammer mill crusher were designed to meets the evolving requirements of our clients around the world. We understand that high-quality products and continuous innovation are important aspects of an ever-changing market, and we promise to always deliver the durability and efficiency that our customers have come to associate with the Williams Patent Crusher brand. Contact our team today to get a quote on a new reversible hammer mill and discuss your application with our expert sales engineers.

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