Industrial Wood Grinder Machines

The composition of wood waste can vary greatly depending on the projects they come from and the purposes they serve. We understand our customers need access to machines with a wide variety of features to meet their numerous applications.

Our machines can handle many kinds of material, from large scrap to small scrap, solid products or composites. Whatever your wood processing needs may be, Williams Patent Crusher has designed the machine to meet them.

Benefits of Wood Grinders

Some of the basic benefits of wood grinders include:

  • Customizable uses - some machines allow you to substitute hammer size depending on your need. Williams also offers drying systems for some of our machinery.
  • Large feed opening - ability to process bulky wood products
  • Resistance to wear - unlike woodchippers, wood grinders are hardier pieces of equipment.
  • Efficiency - the majority of our wood grinding machines are manufactured to process loads of wood scrap swiftly and thoroughly.

Whether your application involves fuel, mulch or compost preparation, or turning scrap into sawdust, our industrial wood grinders are the solution. Browse our catalog below to learn which one is right for your application.

No-Nife Wood Hogs

Our No-Nife wood hog is best known for its usage in the forestry industry. It provides economical size reduction and multiple uses for the ground material.

In the pulp industry, Williams No-Nife Wood Hogs are extensively used to reduce bark and broken pulpwood. Whether the product is used straight from the hog, sold, or manufactured into secondary products, there are many applications available.

Some wood waste is used to fuel the machines they're processed in. Other uses for hogged product include garden mulch, animal bedding, and litter. It can also be manufactured into commercial wood products, such as particle board and fireplace logs.


Blue no-nife wood hog for reducing bark and broken pulpwood - Williams Patent Crusher


Chip Hogs®

The Williams Chip Hog® is a revolutionary new design for wood chip grinding or biomass shredder applications. The Chip Hog® combines heavy-duty features with the fine grinding capabilities of both a primary and secondary hammer mill. This is the first hammer mill of its kind to utilize both features.

The Williams Chip Hog® has a heavier rotor than a traditional secondary hammer mill. This offers a level of durability and robustness that other machines can’t match. It also stands up to heavy-duty, high-capacity applications with its innovative features. This includes a large feed opening, reinforced screens, and more.


Man working on white chip hog - Williams Patent Crusher


Horizontal Feed Wood Hogs

Another proven performer in the forestry market is our industry-leading Horizontal Feed Wood Hog. This Front Feed Hog is perfect for long wood scrap with its low-profile design.

Like the Williams traditional-style No-Nife Hog, the products from our feed hog are used in similar secondary products. In the pulp industry, our horizontal wood grinders are extensively used to reduce flooring strips and scrap wood. This makes them truly adaptable, flexible, high-quality machines.

Horizontal feed wood hog for reducing long, oversized feed materials - Williams Patent Crusher


Rotary Disc Screens

Though our machines have the capability to self-feed, we offer a rotary disc screen to maximize efficiency sort product. Williams Rotary Disc Screens are used for the consistent, high-speed separation of components of municipal, industrial and wood wastes. 

Our Disc Screen's superior speed and separation capabilities makes it one of the leading wood chip screening products on the market. In addition, the Screen's easy maintenance and automatic jam reversing contribute to the efficiency and durability offered by the product.

Blue rotary disc screen for separating oversized and undersized materials - Williams Patent Crusher


Since 1871, Williams Crusher has been a pioneer in heavy-duty grinding machinery. Let us help with your wood grinding and manufacturing processes. Contact us today to discuss your application in detail with one of our experienced sales engineers. Call (314) 621-3348 or email us at