Williams Patent Crusher designs and manufactures custom scrap shredder machines as solutions for customers around the world. We rely on innovative engineering and our experience to deliver metal shredders that increase efficiency and decrease costs.

Our metal shredders are capable of high-capacity, heavy-duty shredding for a variety of metals. This can include ferrous metals, as well as metal waste from scrap yards or metal recycling operations.

For every machine we build, we put durability and efficiency at the forefront of its design. Our attention to design is why our machines are known to be durable and deliver a strong return on investment.

What Is a Scrap Metal Shredder?

Scrap metal shredders are used help remove airspace in metal waste. This is achieved by increasing density by compacting and reducing shred metal into a more cohesive whole.

These products can aid with disposal of waste materials from larger metal products. They are also commonly used by recycling plants to break down materials.

Benefits of Scrap Metal Shredders

Shredding and crushing scrap metal increases remelting efficiency. Shredding scrap metal also assists with the purifying process by refining the metal and eliminating pollutants. This increases the value and quality of the metal, making it easier to reuse in future products.

Our shredding and crushing solutions can be applied to aluminum, cables, computer hardware, copper, brass, alloys, and iron. These solutions can also be applied to ferrous metals. This includes thin gauge sheet, tin roofing and siding, metal scraps such as turnings, formed parts, auto paneling, and appliances.

Reversible Nuggetizer® Crusher

William's Reversible Nuggetizer is a primary, single-stage impact crusher. It is designed for high reduction ratio, high capacity and mid-air crushing at rotor tip speed. These mills exhibit a powerful design and rugged durability and are often used for metal scrap shredding and car crushing.

Features of the Reversible Nuggetizer Crusher include:

  • Push-button reversible rotors
  • Manganese steel liners for rotor protection
  • High-speed swing hammers
  • Reversible grate bars to provide control of product size
  • Solid and reversible impact blocks to discourage machine erosion.

High tonnage hammer mill for handling high-tonnage size reduction jobs - Williams Patent Crusher


Ring Crusher Turnings Mill

Our Ring Crushers are the perfect choice for shredding scrap metal turnings. This crusher is specifically designed to reduce the size and volume of metal turnings, bushelings, or clips using efficient impact crushing. With tramp metal protection and rugged rotor assembly, the Ring Crusher is equipped to process your scrap metal turnings application.

Williams offers a complete line of standard ring crushers, plus the custom engineering to provide exactly the specifications you require. For unusually large requirements, ring crushers with capacities in excess of 100 tons per hour also are available.

The Ring Crusher Mill features:

  • The ability to substitute ring crushers for swing hammers
  • Resistance to shock
  • Welded steel-frame rotor support
  • Thick, renewable liners
  • Heavy duty adjustable manganese steel breaker plate

Ring crusher hammer crusher reducing size of metal turnings - Williams Patent Crusher



Since 1871, Williams Crusher has been a pioneer in metal shredding. We can help with your metal refinement needs. Contact us today to discuss your application in detail with one of our experienced sales engineers. Call (314) 621-3348 or email us at