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Built for severe duty applications, the Williams Self-Cleaning Rotary Airlock Valve is the perfect addition for Pulverizer and Impact Dryer Mill systems. Designed especially for applications involving wet, sticky materials including coal, pet coke, clay, bentonite, barite, gypsum, and others, the Williams Self-Cleaning Rotary Airlock Valve increases throughput by reducing material buildup.

What are rotary airlock feeders?

Rotary airlock feeders are essentially revolving doors that maintain pressure. Material is allowed to pass through, but the pressure differential between the inside of the machine and outside is maintained. An added benefit of the Williams rotary airlock valve is that its second rotor performs a self-cleaning function.

The Williams Rotary Feeder has two rotors, with the secondary acting as a wiper to clean out the main rotor’s pockets after material is passed through the airlock feeder. Featuring completely-sealed construction to eliminate dusting, the Williams Rotary Feeder also includes clean-out doors for easy rotor access and maintenance.

Customized Rotary Airlock Valve Solutions

The Williams team understands there are unique specifications your rotary valves needs to meet, such as temperature, pressure and size. Williams Self-Cleaning Rotary Airlock Valves can be customized to fit the specific needs of your application.

If you are looking to improve your process and bulk material handling, call our sales engineers to talk about the Williams Self-Cleaning Rotary Airlock Valve. They can help you identify the best specifications for your rotary airlock valve. We offer a broad range of available sizes, construction materials, and options such as offset/drop-through models, replaceable wear liners, speed switch, and a VFAC drive.

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