Williams Ripshear® Shredders feature a slow speed, high torque disc-cutting action that reduces materials quietly, cleanly, and economically with minimum vibration.

While tearing and fracturing are common shredding methods, the Ripshear Slow-Speed Shredders offered by Williams utilize a motion that cuts material like scissors and can be used across many applications.

Williams offers two types of Ripshear® slow-speed shredders: Hydraulic Shredders and Electric Shredders. See more below about the versatility and features of the slow-speed shredders only Williams can provide. Or contact us today to determine the best shredder for your needs.

Applications of Ripshear Slow-Speed Shredder Machines

At Williams, we want to provide the perfect solution for every client and industry, and our slow-speed shredders do just that. The Williams Ripshear® machine is versatile across various applications and can be used to reduce a wide variety of materials including:

·       Tires

·       Wood waste

·       Wallboard

·       Municipal solid waste

·       Batteries

·       Corrugated papers

·       55-gallon drums

·       Fabric

·       Industrial plant and hospital waste

·       Furniture

·       Light metal scrap

Features of Williams Ripshear® Shredders

Williams machines are designed with you in mind, and the Ripshear is no different. Our shredders include features and benefits to better serve our customers by reducing costs and maintenance requirements. Learn more about what our slow-speed shredders will provide for you and explore our different models below. Or, locate an agent near you for even more detailed information.

Low Horsepower

High speed isn’t always the best option, and when it comes to designing our shredders, Williams knows that. Low speed paired with high torque hydraulic drive can reduce power requirements for certain jobs, increasing efficiency and lowering power costs.

Lower Hazards

Because of the slow speed of our shredders, the Ripshear® does not create high windage and ignition sources found in high speed shredders. This minimizes fires and explosions to keep you, your employees, and property safe.

Easy Accessibility

Williams shredding equipment is of the highest quality, but when it is time for maintenance, it shouldn’t be a burden on you. The bushings allow pull out, and by removing the front cover, shafts and cutter disks are exposed for maintenance without having to disassemble bearings.

A Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Shredder

Hydraulic Ripshear Shredder - Williams Patent Crusher

Williams Ripshear® Shredders are built for heavy-duty applications and are easy and inexpensive to install. Only a minimal foundation of normal concrete slabs or equal leg support is required to support these hydraulic shredders, and they’re also designed to allow optional portability. With a large feed opening, the shearing action of our slow-speed shredders is quiet and creates little or no dust.

As an exclusive, our hydraulic shredder offers a compact, onboard computer that detects a jam through actual shaft stoppage as opposed to the conventional, present pressure limit. With the Williams computer, the Ripshear® Shredder can utilize the full pressure capabilities of its hydraulic components without reversing unless a true mechanical jam develops.

Other features of these hydraulic shredders include a removable hopper section, automatic unjamming action, oversized bearings and shafts, an open bottom permitting maximum throughput, and controlled product size by disk size and tooth pattern.

Electric Ripshear Slow-Speed Shredder

Williams uses a unique bearing design to give the Electric Ripshear® Shredder a significant advantage over other types of slow-speed shredders. The patented Williams Ripshear® Shredder design incorporates two bearings versus the standard, three fixed bearings design. This two-bearing design removes the most destructive stress points, allowing the shafts to flex, and reducing shaft breakage. The drives are mounted independently and allowed to free-float.

Another innovation on these shear slow-speed shredders is the use of an electric soft-start drive which senses the amp inrush and limits the amount of electricity going to each motor, thus limiting torque. This simulates a hydraulic drive without the inefficiencies and increased maintenance normally associated with hydraulic drives.

A patented, quick and simple positive locking system on the rotor stack of the shredder provides a positive means of securing and preloading the rotor stack while still allowing quick access for maintenance and replacement of cutting teeth.

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