Our company has many facets, due in part to our extensive product lines. As unique as that makes this nearly 150 year old pulverizer company, there is so much more to tell. Here is a little about Williams Patent Crusher Company: 

Williams Patent Crusher Company History "The Williams Way" is not just another advertising phrase. It really describes the way of life of a company with a penchant for quality in product and service buttressed by innovative engineering and proven performance.

The Williams Patent Crusher Company history is one steeped in tradition and family values. Milton F. Williams founded our company and our "way." He was a strong-willed, highly moral man with great ambition and an innovative mind.

Milton moved to St. Louis, Missouri as a penniless millwright in 1871. By 1875, he was a partner in a millwright shop. After several partnership enterprises, he started his own machine manufacturing business in 1886 and moved to approximately the present location in 1892. About that same time he started building "pin mill," or clay pulverizers for brick makers.

In the following years, Milton Williams developed the concept of midair impact crushing with whirling hammers and received his first patent (No. 544,336), dated August 13, 1895. The following 25 years saw the Williams Way of size reduction take a firm hold in the industry with 6,000 crushers and grinders working in 60 countries under 250 patents.

The Williams Way and the value it provides has been forged into a tradition by successive generations of the family ... currently the fourth and fifth... taking active parts in the propagation of our founding principles.

Williams Patent Crusher EngineersAside from the Williams Way tradition, the fundamental principles of size reduction and thermoprocessing are still employed. Modern efficiencies, reliable performance techniques, advanced engineering and manufacturing processes continue to further improve the quality of our products.

Our highly qualified engineers combine irreplaceable practical experience with sophisticated accuracy of an AutoCAD and Inventor 3D interactive graphics computer system with finite analysis. This allows 3D on-screen design of parts and translates them into machining code to keep us in the forefront of modern manufacturing.

Close tolerances and complex machining are specialties of our machining shops, with capabilities of machining assemblies up to 25 ft. diameter and weighing up to 85 tons. Our welding shops are ASME and AWS certified and offer diverse high precision cutting and fabrication utilizing large plasma and laser cutting equipment. We can produce very small parts to weldments up to and greater than 100 tons. All of this is complimented by our precision assembly areas.

Our test laboratory is geared to the practical analysis and solution of almost any material handling problem. This often results in partial or complete customization of individual mills or total systems to meet each client's particular needs.

Evidence of today's viability of the Williams Way are the facts that over 500 patents have helped nearly 22,000 Williams mills and systems make reduction a science throughout the world.