Sawdust Hammer Mills

Williams Crusher Rocket Hammer Mills are a line of sawdust hammer mills designed to reduce materials such as wood into fine powder.

Not all materials can be pelletized directly. Larger raw materials need to be ground into powder particles first.

The Williams Rocket Hammer Mill is designed for the rapid particle size reduction of non-abrasive materials. These machines are commonly used in the production of cereals, animal and fish by-products, sawdust, tobacco, expeller cake, rags and wood pulp to fluff.

Rocket hammer mills can be used in a variety of industries, such as the brewing industry, since the machine can quickly reduce the size of materials like grain into a finer material needed for brewing.


Rocket Hammer Mills

Rocket Hammer Mills Application

Sawdust hammer mills are a type of grinder or pulverizer common in several industries. These machines are commonly used to process soft raw materials, including:

  • Wood Chips
  • Wood Shavings
  • Peanut Shells
  • Rice Husks
  • Tree Trimmings
  • Wheat Straw
  • Cotton Stalk
  • Corn
  • Tobacco
  • & more

These machines are commonly used in wood pellet production but can also be used to process papers and food products. Williams Crusher can help you determine if a Rocket Hammer Mill is right for your project.


Williams Rocket Hammer Mills Features

Our sawdust hammer mills are among the strongest and most tested in the industry. Since 1871, Williams Crusher has been a name trusted across the world. Below are some of the reasons why our hammer mills stand out from the competition:


Two Types of Covers

Williams Rocket Hammer Mills offer two cover options. The ORC cover is suited to finished product containing a large percentage of fines. The LSP cover is especially suited to large, bulky feeds.

Reversible Work Plates

All breaker plates and grinding plates are reversible for extended service life. That means all the cutting edges can be utilized before being replaced.

Choice of Hammer Types

Williams Crusher offers a variety of hammer types to choose from depending on your needs: single end, double end, serrated, rigid arm, etc. Let our engineers help determine the right hammer for your project.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The rugged frame of this industrial hammer mill is constructed of welded steel plate. The rotor consists of a heavy plate with spacers mounted on an alloy shaft of large diameter, turning in self-aligning, sealed ball bearings.


Williams’ Rocket Hammer Mills provide quick, complete accessibility to all working parts for easy service. Our engineers designed this hammer mill to be easily serviced if needed.

Optional Air System

Williams Rocket Hammer Mills can be equipped with an optional air system for handling different materials, making it an ideal sawdust grinding machine.


Choose The Best Hammer Mill For Your Application

No matter your size reduction needs, Williams Crusher has the equipment and experience to help you get the job done right.

Contact us today to discuss your application in detail. Call (314) 621-3348, email us at or locate an agent near you.