Ripshear® Compact Slow-Speed Industrial Shredder

The Williams Ripshear® is a compact industrial shredding machine with powerful capabilities.

One of the smallest, most innovative Williams machines, the Ripshear® Compact Slow-Speed Industrial Shredder features a small batch-fed shredder design, offering a powerful solution for industrial customers. It is the perfect way to shred materials or dispose of waste generated by low-volume manufacturing processes.

This slow-speed, high-torque shredding machine cuts materials like scissors and can be used for many applications. This method differs from larger Williams single shaft shredding machinery, which uses tearing and fracturing techniques.

A small industrial shredder makes your manufacturing processes more versatile and cost efficient. Contact Williams Patent Crusher to discover whether the Ripshear® Compact Slow-Speed Industrial Shredder is right for your application needs.

Slow Speed Compact Shredder Applications

With the Ripshear® Compact Slow-Speed Industrial Shredder, businesses of all sizes can benefit from Williams' leading machinery. We want to provide the perfect solution for every client and application. This small, twin shaft shredder is perfect for solid waste reduction in a variety of applications.

Use our latest small industrial shredder for the following applications: 

  • Cannabis/Hemp Waste
  • Food Industry Waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Electronic Waste (E-Waste)
  • Clothing Scrap
  • Plastics
  • Paper and Documents
  • Packaging
  • Containers 
  • Wood Scrap
  • Light Metal Scrap

Industrial Ripshear® Product Features

We design our machines with you in mind. 

Our Ripshear® Compact Slow-Speed Industrial Shredder includes built-in features to reduce costs and maintenance requirements.
With a batch-fed shredder design, this machine reduces the volume of solid bulky materials, making the process of compact disposal or further processing easier and more efficient.

Additional features of this compact, slow-speed shredder include: 

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • 8” x 12” Cutting Chamber
  • Cutters and Wipers Configured for Customer Application
  • 5 HP Motor and Heavy Duty Helical Gear Reducer
  • Integrated VFD and Control Cabinet with Auto-Reverse Option Available
  • Single Electrical Connection with Power Cord Supplied (3PH/60Hz/240V)
  • Provided with Hopper and Stand for easy stand-alone installation and operation

Simplify your manufacturing waste disposal or material processing with Williams Patent Crusher. 

If you are located outside of the United States, you can contact an Agent near you for even more detailed information.