Simultaneous Grinding & Drying

Williams Roller Mill Pulverizers and Impact Dryer Mills have the ability to grind and dry in one process.

Roller Mill Pulverizers and Impact Dryer Mills Grinding and Drying - Williams Patent Crusher


Through continuous innovation and dedication to quality, Williams Patent Crusher has become the industry leader in coal crushing and pulverizing equipment. We’ve maintained that commitment for over 150 years—and we strive to keep it that way. Learn more.

Power Industry Coal Pulverizers - Williams Patent Crusher


Blasting, drilling and scaling out limestone from the Earth requires the right equipment—and when it comes to reducing the size of that limestone material, it’s no different. Williams Patent Crusher is committed to designing and manufacturing the most durable and efficient limestone crusher machines on the market. Learn more.

Impact Dryer Mills - Williams Patent Crusher


In the wood and forest products industry, there is no one-size-fits-all wood grinding machine. This is an industry that requires machines that are ideal for large scrap or small scrap, solid or composites, and are available with either vertical feeds or horizontal. Williams Patent Crusher designs and manufactures industry-leading machines that meets every industrial wood grinder or chipper requirement. Learn more.

Hammer Mills - Williams Patent Crusher


We're proud to offer a line of rock crushing machines that provide a wide range of available options. We understand that every crushing and grinding job is different, and we strive to make sure every machine we construct is a custom solution that gets a specific job done right. Learn more.

Shredders - Williams Patent Crusher

Scrap Metal

We design and manufacture custom scrap metal shredding solutions for customers around the world. We rely on innovative engineering and breadth of experience to deliver metal shredders that increase efficiency and decrease costs. Learn more.

Willpactor Impact Crusher - Williams Patent Crusher


We offer three unique glass crushing machines that can handle various jobs. These durable and safe glass crushers are the perfect solution for glass recycling and size reduction applications, whether it’s for a smaller bottle-crushing projects, or for a large, industrial applications. Learn more.

Air Classifiers - Williams Patent Crusher


At Williams Patent Crusher, we’re committed to quality in product that results in proven performance. Our world-class designers and innovators design a variety of machines that are capable of industrial clay crushing and grinding that gets the job done right. Learn more.

Heavy Duty Single and Double Roller Crushers - Williams Patent Crusher

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