Williams manufactures a variety of large, heavy duty Hammer Mills to handle almost any high tonnage size reduction job. Applications for the Williams High Tonnage Hammer Mill often includes being used as a cement crusher or stone crushing machine for heavy duty jobs. Other applications include:


  • Crushing run of quarry shovel-loaded rock or coal to one inch in one operation

  • Making cubical shaped stone with few "flats" or "slivers"

  • Reducing limestone to sand without unwanted fines

  • Shredding automobile bodies to 6" and smaller

  • Crushing metal turnings to "hand shovel" size

  • Reducing clay and shale to 10 mesh or finer

  • Shredding waste, wood, paper, and corrugated prior to baling or burning

The extremely heavy duty stone crusher machines can also be utilized as concrete or cement crushers.


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