The engineers at Williams Patent Crusher design and manufacture various barite grinding mills that can accomplish the appropriate size reduction needed for your application. Barite, or baryte, is the mineral consisting of barium sulfate and is typically white or colorless. Barite is often found as void fillers within sedimentary rocks, and are in a crystal form. The mineral can also be found in limestone, dolostone or sandstone.

Barite is easily identifiable by its heavy weight. Therefore, the oil and gas industry often uses barite as a weighing agent in drilling mud. There are a variety of other uses for the crystallized mineral as well, including:

  • Used in paint as a filler to regulate the thickness and increase the stability of the paint and brightness of its color
  • Inserted between paper fibers for playing cards for higher density
  • Used as a weighting filler in rubber mud flaps and other rubber materials that require extra weight
  • X-ray shielding agent for medical purposes

At Williams Patent Crusher, we understand each grinding project is unique. We take pride in offering a custom barite grinding or crushing solution to fit your industry needs. With barite being used for a multitude of industries, our Sales Managers and Agents will help find you the barite grinding machine that will be most suitable for your application.

Learn more about our barite grinding mills below or contact us today to discuss your project in detail.

Barite Roller Mill

Our Roller Mills are highly efficient in the grinding of Barite. Designed to provide completely automatic operation, the Williams Roller Mill includes micrometer control of the finished product. Learn more about how Roller Mills from Williams Patent Crusher can contribute to your barite grinding project.

Blue roller mill used for grinding materials - Williams Patent Crusher


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