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Williams Patent Crusher Roll Crushers pulverize friable materials, including coal, limestone, clay, and minerals. Typically, the mining, recycling, and power industries use this equipment.

Williams is an industry-leading roll crusher manufacturer and designer. We provide machines with high throughput capacity, minimal maintenance requirements, and low cost per ton operation.

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What Is A Roll Crusher?

A roll crusher is a type of crushing equipment used to reduce the size of materials. Size reduction is accomplished by compressing feed material between two cylindrical rollers that rotate in opposite directions. Before crushing, the material feeds into the gap between the rollers. As the rollers rotate, the material is compressed and reduced in size.

Mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation, and chemical industries commonly use these machines. They are also used in recycling to destroy waste materials, such as scrap metal, wood, and some plastics.

Roll crushers come in different configurations depending on the crushed material and the required output size. Some standard roll crushers include single-roll, double-roll, and triple-roll crushers. They can also be designed with smooth or corrugated surfaces on the rollers to provide different levels of crushing action.

How Roll Crushers Work

Roll Crushers are simple in design and construction. These machines are long-lasting, economical, and versatile across many applications and industries.

Impact, shear, and compression are necessary for crushing and size reduction. The material enters the crusher and is impacted by the roll as it rotates. Then, shear and compression forces act upon the material as it’s pulled between a crushing plate or rolls.

The crushing rolls on these machines act as flywheels, contributing to the smooth, continuous operation and efficient use of power. Roll crushing surfaces operate at a fixed distance apart, unlike the continually changing distances in a jaw or cone crusher. The result of using this equipment is a more consistent product size.

Roll Crusher Applications

Roll Crushers - Williams Patent Crusher

These machines can handle a wide range of materials, including:

  • Bauxite
  • cement clinker
  • chalk
  • cinders
  • clay
  • coal
  • glass
  • gypsum
  • limestone
  • burnt lime
  • rock salt
  • sandstone
  • shale
  • sulfur ore
  • sea shells
  • and sewer sludge clinker

Single Roll Crushers, sometimes called lump breakers, can also break frozen or agglomerated materials.

Various industries use Williams’ Roll Crushers, including mining, recycling, and power.

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Single vs. Double Crushers

Single and Double Roll Crushers - Williams Patent Crusher

Choosing between a single crusher and a double crusher depends upon several factors. These include the type of feed material, feed size, product size desired, and consistency of both feed and product.

Both single and double-roll crushers operate most efficiently with dry, friable materials. However, the successful use of single-roll machines to reduce moist clays has occurred. Double crushers are successful for both primary and secondary crushing when minimizing fines.

Single Roll Crushers

These machines reduce via impact, shear, and compression. The rolls provide toothed patterns suited to the feed material. Single Roll Crushers generally handle larger feed sizes at higher reduction ratios in higher capacities. These machines are also great as lump breakers.

Double Roll Crushers

Double roll crushers reduce primarily through compression, although toothed rolls provide some shear. Rolls come in smooth, corrugated, and toothed designs. Double Roll Crushers produce a finer product at lower reduction ratios and capacities.

Williams Crusher Features

Roll Crusher Features - Williams Patent Crusher

Heavy-Duty Drive Shafts & Bearings

Oversized, heat-treated, alloy steel shafts plus self-aligning, roller-type bearings assure long life and maximum use of power. Jackshafts for control of roller speed are standard on double-roll crushers and optional on larger Single Roll Crushers.

Protective Spring Releases

Heavy-duty compression springs allow the floating roll to pass tramp metal and other uncrushable materials. This feature helps the machine avoid overload and damage.

Simple Roll Adjustment

Quickly set and maintained via manual bolt/shim arrangement. Shrink loads occur in compression rather than tension.

Choice of Drives

Multiple V-belt drives provide maximum shock absorption. Shaft-mounted speed reducers are optional.

Easy Accessibility

Housings for single crushers split and open at the centerline to access all working parts. Double Roll Crushers models dismantle easily.

Low Peripheral Speed

Combined with compression-type reduction, it results in less maintenance when crushing abrasive materials.

Welded Steel Frame

Heavy rolled plate and welded structural shapes for rigidity and resistance to shock.

Reversible, Replaceable Liners

Machine liners offer protection for internal surfaces and frames. Thick, abrasion-resistant alloys are reversible for added life and easily replaced.

Custom-Engineered Replaceable Roll Faces

Faces Tooth patterns and grooves to fit feed material; abrasion-resistant alloy; easily replaceable.

Ash Crushers have additional features, including a dust-tight design and sealed cover plates for breaker plate access.

Ash Single Crusher

Ash Single Roll Crushers - Williams Patent Crusher

Williams’ Single Crushers are also available in a 15-inch (381mm) diameter dust-tight version.

These are already well known for rugged construction, low profile, high reduction ratio, and economical cost. Williams’ Dust-Tight Ash Single Roll Crushers also have easy access to the rotor for maintenance.

These dust-tight roll crushers are perfect for crushing ash, limestone, coal, or glass applications.





The Problem Solver Roller Crusher Flyer - Williams Patent Crusher

Williams Crusher Dimensions

Get a close-up look at the Williams Roll Crusher specs. Our industrial roll crushers come in various sizes depending on your application, particle size, and volume needs.

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Dimensions of the Roller Crusher Diagram - Williams Patent Crusher


Dimensions of the Roll Crusher Diagram - Williams Patent Crusher

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