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In addition to being an industry leader in size reduction equipment, Williams Patent Crusher designs and manufactures Apron Feeders that are built rugged for long-lasting performance for any job.

Our Apron Pan Feeder line has a cast manganese pan deck made with parts from the world’s most popular crawler tractors for extra heavy-duty use. Williams pan feeders improve material handling and ensure even process flow.


What is an Apron Pan Feeder?

Apron Pan Feeders are designed to move materials to a crusher or other equipment from a bin or hopper. These rugged feeders are designed to operate with crushers, shredders, and hammermills.

They typically consist of a frame, undercarriage, drive, head and tail shaft, and the conveyor chain fitted with heavy-duty pans.

Their primary uses are moving frozen, wet, or sticky material to another piece of processing equipment, such as a hammermill. The cast manganese pan deck is designed to be rugged to take on many different types of materials and to provide a long service life with minimal maintenance.


The Benefits of Williams Crusher Apron Pan Feeders

Quick & Cost Effective Maintenance

Williams industrial-grade Apron Pan Feeder parts are directly interchangeable with crawler tractors, minimizing the required stock of spare parts. Our pan feeder parts are readily obtainable everywhere, and as mass-produced parts, they are low in cost.

Longer Wear Life

Our Apron Pan Feeders are explicitly built to increase the wear life of the equipment. Williams extends the service life by using sealed-in lubricant on all rollers and bearings to keep grease in and keep dirt out. No matter what type of material you are handling our Apron Pan Feeders are up to the task.

Better Material Handling

Williams has integrated anti-friction bearings into the head and tail shafts of our Apron Feeders.

The Carrying rollers on our Apron Pan Feeder line are standard tractor type. The return rollers are a flanged idler type with self-aligning ball bearings. Chain links are drop forged for great weight-carrying capacity. The close tolerance chain eliminates take-up problems. The apron feeder’s contact surfaces are hardened for top performance.

This allows our equipment to run at peak efficiency under high and low material weights. The result is one of the most versatile Apron Feeders on the market.

As one of the leading Pan Feeder manufacturers in the industry, all Williams Apron Pan Feeders are assembled in the shop and run before shipment to ensure quality.


Apron Pan Feeder Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Material Can Apron Pan Feeders Transport?

Apron Pan Feeders are engineered for strength and reliability, making them ideal for transporting materials in various industrial settings. Their robust design enables them to easily handle materials of varying sizes, from small particles to large, bulky items. This capability is beneficial in industries where material size can vary significantly.

In addition to their size versatility, Apron Pan Feeders are equally adept at managing materials of different weights. Whether it’s lightweight or heavy, dense materials, these feeders maintain consistent performance. This is a crucial advantage over Belt Feeders, typically more limited in the weight and size of materials they can transport effectively.

Can Apron Pan Feeders Be Installed on an Incline?

There’s a myth floating around that Apron Feeders must be installed horizontally to work. This is not true. Williams Patent Crusher’s Apron Pan Feeders can be installed on inclines without affecting performance.


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