The Williams Heavy Duty, High Performance Nife Hog® Granulator is a rugged, primary nife granulator.

These mills are a prime choice for recycling applications that include reducing materials such as tires, aluminum, cable, plastics, hazardous waste, carpet, circuit boards, and flooring. When used as a tire shredder, the Nife Hog® converts tire waste to saleable steel and rubber products.

Features of the Nife Hog® include:
A. Heavy-duty screen assembly with proper opening for the desired product size
Nife Hog Screen - Williams Patent Crusher


B. Individual 8" thick indexable rotor discs mounted in 8" spherical bearings

Nife Hog Nife Assemblies - Williams Patent Crusher


C. Externally adjustable bed nife assemblies to control product size

Nife Hog Rotor Discs - Williams Patent Crusher


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