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Williams Patent Crusher designs machines to achieve a variety of applications that fit our customers’ needs, which includes innovative diatomaceous earth grinding mills. Diatomaceous earth (also referred to as D.E. or diatomite) is composed of the fossil remains of diatoms, a major group of microalgae with cell walls made of silica. Silica can appear in various forms, including sand, clay, glass and mica. The primary use of diatomaceous earth is for the pest control and industrial coatings industry. It’s also used for household cleaners, health and beauty products, and organic gardening.

Diatomaceous earth is often processed by grinding, drying, and classifying the material to a powdery dust-like form. A Williams Impact Dryer Mill can be engineered to reduce diatomaceous earth material to the finest requirements needed for the application.

The Impact Dryer Mill is a completely enclosed negative system, which increases cleanliness and cuts costs of house-keeping expenses. The Impact Dryer Mill boasts an innovative design by containing various pressure and temperature sensors within the system to automatically determine the feed rate of the raw material. Additionally, hot gas mixed with the feed removes moisture during size reduction. While the hammers within the grinding chamber reduce the feed to the desired product size, this drying process is greatly accelerated due to the increased surface area of the diatomaceous earth material.

Learn more about our diatomaceous earth mills by contacting a Williams Crusher expert today. We’ll help get you started on finding the best solution for your D.E. grinding application.


Red pen laying of diatomaceous rocks - Williams Patent Crusher
Rocks in diatomaceous earth grinding mill - Williams Patent Crusher
Results of the diatomaceous earth grinding mill - Williams Patent Crusher


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