Air classifiers separate materials based on shape, size, and density and are most commonly used in an industrial process involving mixed materials that need to be separated quickly. For example, in recycling centers, an air classifier can sort through metal, paper, and plastics that arrive mixed together.

Air classification is the most effective and efficient means of separating material from a stream that needs to be sorted or for increasing productivity when it’s used with a pulverizing machine or other size reduction machine.

Whatever your specific application is, the Williams Patent Crusher Air Classifiers and Turbine Separators are powerful enough to get the job done right.

Learn more about our industrial air classifiers below.

High Efficiency Air Classifiers

High Efficiency Turbone Air Classifiers - Williams Patent CrusherWilliams High Efficiency Turbine Air Classifiers can help increase production rate from various grinding mills including vertical roller mills, ball mills, and others. These high efficiency air classifier mills can achieve 80% efficiency while producing 70% minus 200 mesh (74 microns) and 70% efficiency when producing 95% minus 200 mesh (74 microns).

The air classifier cyclone sorts material by inserting the material into a chamber that has a column of rising air. Air drag on the material supplies an upward force and lifts the material into the air. Since the air drag is dependent on the material’s size and shape, the material can be sorted and separated vertically.

Features of the Williams Air Classifiers include:

  • Multiple adjustable inlet vanes
  • External right angle gear drive
  • Large access doors
  • NFPA 85 construction
  • Multiple outlets for direct firing applications
  • Variable speed drives
  • Adjustable external louvers with packing glands for dust-tight operation
  • Motor can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

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Mechanical Air Separators

Air Classifier Mechanical Air Separators - Williams Patent CrusherWilliams Mechanical Air Separators are designed to make separations of materials by particle size or shape, or of different specific gravities. These Air Separators, or Air Classifiers, are proven to be outstanding equipment of their type - in efficiency, capacity, design, and construction.

Here are some of the features of Williams superior Mechanical Air Separators:

  • No gears
  • Single or double spinner blades
  • Only two bearings
  • Large feed opening
  • Liners for abrasive materials
  • Steeper cones for faster discharge

Typical Applications of Williams Mechanical Air Separators:

Increases Grinding Unit Capacity: When operating grinding mills in closed circuit with Williams Mechanical Air Separators, the finished material is removed from the circuit as fast as it is made. This leaves the grinding unit free to work on unground material.

Positive Control of Product Fineness: A Williams Mechanical Air Separator assures proper product fineness. Only material of satisfactory fineness is discharged as the fine fraction, and all oversize is returned for regrinding.

Superior to Screens for Fine Separations: Generally, any separation finer than 20 or 30 mesh can best be accomplished by air separation. The fineness delivered by air separation is constant and is not affected by breakage of delicate fine mesh screens. An air separator also eliminates the frequent replacement of screen wire. The capacity per square foot of fine screens is relatively low; large tonnages of fine material can only be economically separated by air. 


High Efficiency Turbine Separators

Williams High Efficiency Turbine Separators are incorporated with all Williams Roller Mills and Impact Dryer Mills whenever precise classification and separation are required to produce an ultra-fine product.

Advantages of the turbine separators:

  • Highly efficient recovery rate of fine product
  • Results in reduced pulverizer differential pressure loss due to less fines recirculating back to the grinding zone of the mill
  • Increases mill production rate
  • Lower separator power requirements
High Efficiency Turbine Separator Close-Up View - Williams Patent Crusher
High Efficiency Turbine Separator Full View - Williams Patent Crusher

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