Williams Patent Crusher is a leader in industrial shredder manufacturing.  We produce an extensive line of rugged, reliable industrial shredders and auxiliary shredding equipment. 

Our durable shredders assist with waste disposal by reducing material down to the needed size. Learn more about our high volume shredding systems and contact the Williams team today to get started.

Industrial Shredder Applications 

Williams' shredding machines can handle your most intense waste reduction jobs. Whether used as municipal or industrial waste shredders, our equipment is versatile. 

Shredding equipment can reduce a wide variety of materials including paper, refuse, wood, wood pulp, pallets, tires, rubber, metal and aluminum scrap. William’s shredders can also handle materials including batteries, furniture, or even hospital waste. 

The design of our machines allows them to work as crusher shredders, reducing your large quantities of material. Shredders and crushers are designed to help with industrial and commercial waste processing and recycling.  

Features of Our Industrial Crusher and Shredding Machines 

Williams shredding machines are designed and tested under tough conditions. This environment optimizes them for maximum reliability and efficiency. 

Our shredders work as one-way and reversible machines, with optional controlled airflow. Machines vary in speed, depending on the material being shredded and the required finished particle size. 

The design of our high speed shredders allows them to face whatever material you need to dispose of, also acting as industrial crusher machines. Whether it's tires, wood, furniture, or industrial plant waste, we can handle your job.

When you use Williams shredding equipment, you know you’re getting a high-quality machine that will last in all industrial and municipal conditions.

Industrial Shredding Equipment from Williams Crusher 

Finding the right shredding machine for your application needs is crucial. Ensuring you have enough power and cutting force to achieve your desired particle size reduction is key. The variety of industrial shredders offered by Williams ensures you find the best machine for your job. 

View our machines below and learn more about our industrial shredding equipment.

TF and XL Shredders

TF and XL Shredders are a specialized group of industrial shredding machines. These machines are generally used for shredding massive quantities of waste and corrugated paper. TF and XL shredders require 100-500HP with a feed rate of 5-25 TPH and are for commercial use only. 


XL Rigid Arm Shredder - Williams Patent Crusher


Primary Shredders

Our complete line of primary one-way shredders can also be reversible. These industrial shredders have optional Controlled Airflow Downward/Controlled Air Management (CAD/CAM). Depending on the feed and product desired, a primary industrial shredder can be the only size reduction involved. It can also serve as a preparation or coarse product mill for your application. 

Primary Reversible Industrial Shredders - Williams Patent Crusher


Secondary Shredding Machines

Williams secondary one-way shredders and reversible industrial shredding equipment are available with optional Controlled Airflow Downward/Controlled Air Management (CAD/CAM). The design of secondary industrial shredders meets the specific requirements of fuel preparations. With this rugged design, you receive minimized maintenance costs, absolute control of particle size for combustion efficiency and optimized power consumption.


Secondary Reversible Industrial Shredders - Williams Patent Crusher


Ripshear Shredders

Williams Ripshear Shredders feature a slow speed, high torque, disc cutting action. This action reduces solid wastes in a quiet, clean, and economic manner, with minimum vibration. They’re used to shred tires, waste wood, wallboard, MSW, batteries, corrugated papers, 55-gallon drums, fabric, industrial plant and hospital waste, furniture, light metal scrap, and much more. 

Ripshear Tire Shredders - Williams Patent Crusher


Nife Hogs®

Williams Nife Hogs® are heavy duty, high performance primary nife granulators. They are ideal for the recycling process of aluminum, cable, plastics, hazardous waste, carpet, circuit boards, flooring and other non-friable material. Nife Hog® industrial shredding machines also perform well as tire shredders, separating the rubber from the non-friable metal. 


Nife Hog Industrial Shredder - Williams Patent Crusher


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