Municipal solid waste (MSW) shredding involves many more types of materials needing reduction than a typical shredding application. Household waste alone presents a unique set of challenges for any municipal solid waste shredder, so it’s critical that any MSW shredder is efficient and can handle anything put through its rotors.

Municipal solid waste shredders are essential for landfills, eco-centers, wrecking and any organization that works with recycling or waste management.

The Williams Crusher team understands the tough requirements of municipal solid waste shredders: low operating costs and high capability for reducing solid waste materials. We have developed rugged shredders that can meet those requirements and deliver the optimum reduction and shred size.

The slow speed on our MSW shredders allow the machine to reach higher torques with lower fuel consumption for increased efficiency. Williams municipal solid waste shredder machines allow you to turn heterogenous material into reduced homogenous product that are suitable for transport or for further processing.

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Ripshear® Municipal Solid Waste Shredders

RipshearĀ® Shredders for Municipal Solid Waste - Williams Patent Crusher

Williams Ripshear® Shredders can be used to reduce a wide variety of materials including wood waste, municipal solid waste, wallboard, corrugated papers, industrial plant and hospital waste, and much more. These municipal solid waste shredding machines feature a slow speed, high torque, disc cutting action that reduces the solid wastes quietly, cleanly, and economically with minimum vibration. Learn more.

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