Municipal Solid Waste Shredders

Municipal solid waste (MSW) shredders from Williams Patent Crusher help waste management companies become more cost-effective and efficient.

The variety in household waste presents a unique set of challenges for municipal solid waste shredder operators. Landfills can hold everything from food waste to paper, glass, plastic, and other products. Within landfills, there may also be materials that could otherwise be composted or recycled.

In the MSW industry, rugged, slow-speed, high-torque equipment works best to process a wide variety of waste. Williams Patent Crusher has developed high-quality solid waste shredding equipment built to handle the many challenges of the MSW industry.

Our efficient MSW shredders use powerful blades and rotors to shred the toughest materials and any surprises thrown their way. From smaller electric units to larger equipment capable of processing all of your municipal waste, you can count on Williams Patent Crusher.


Solutions for The Waste Management Industry

MSW shredders are essential equipment for those who work in recycling or waste management. Williams Patent Crusher MSW shredders are designed to meet challenges faced by owners of:

  • Landfills
  • Recycling Centers and Treatment Plants
  • Waste Processing Facilities
  • Wrecking Companies


Benefits of MSW Shredders

MSW shredders are specifically built to meet the tough requirements of the waste industry. Size reduction equipment provides countless benefits to the waste management industry:

  • Compacted waste is more affordable to transfer.
  • Compacting waste extends the life of landfills.
  • Separates materials to be reclaimed, recycled, incinerated, or composted.
  • Improves landfill productivity.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Provides a positive long-term ROI for landfill owners.

Williams’ line of MSW shredders have a high capacity for reducing solid waste. Our rugged shredders deliver optimum size reduction for customers in the solid waste industry.


You Need Slow Speed Shredders for Waste Management

Solid waste shredders operate efficiently at a slower speed than standard shredding equipment. This allows the machinery to reach higher torques with lower fuel consumption and minimal vibration.

Williams’ shear shredders turn all waste material into a reduced homogenous product that can be transported for further processing. Our equipment is ideal for removing contaminated and recyclable materials from lanfills.

At Williams Patent Crusher, we understand that every customer has unique needs. Contact our sales engineers to discuss your municipal solid waste project.


Industrial Ripshear® Slow-Speed Shredders

Industrial Ripshear® Slow-Speed Shredders

Williams RipShear® Shredders can be used to reduce solid waste materials. Our Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Shredder utilizes slow speed paired with a high-torque hydraulic drive. Williams also offers a Slow-Speed Shredder option.

The RipShear® Slow-Speed Shredder is classified as a shear shredder. It utilizes two bearings, rather than the standard three bearings. This reduces shaft breakage and provides more flexibility.

These shredders can process many forms of bulky waste. Our industrial RipShear® shredders can easily handle:

  • Tires
  • Wood waste & tree stumps
  • 55-gallon drums
  • Furniture
  • Commercial and industrial waste
  • Wind Turbine Blades
  • Hard Drives
  • Electronic Waste


Ripshear® Compact Slow-Speed Industrial Shredder

The Compact Slow-Speed Industrial Shredder (also called the Atomic Ripshear) is a more compact version of the RipShear® shredder.

Built for small, batch-fed loads, this shredder reduces the size of most municipal waste. It is commonly used in pre-shredding material for further processing.

This shredder features a 5 HP dual-shaft motor. It operates like a shear shredder and easily reduces material down to size.

This lightweight shredder can handle a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Food waste
  • Medical waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Plastics, papers, light wood & metal scraps
  • Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp waste

Once processed through this equipment, waste can be further processed for disposal or recycling.


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