Traveling Breaker Plate Mill - Non-Clog Hammer Mill – Williams Patent Crusher

The Williams Traveling Breaker Plate Mill is a non-clog hammer mill designed to permit a Slugger Crusher to reduce muddy rockclay, shale, or bauxite to 3/4" or smaller. 

As a non-clog hammer mill, the Traveling Breaker Plate Mill, or TBP Mill, can reduce wet, sticky material such as clay or bauxite to a size suitable for further refining without clogging.

Features of the Non-Clog Hammer Mills

  • Heavy structural manganese deflector bar at the top prevents entry of stone into links when the breaker plate mill is in open position.
  • Rugged crushing chamber with all slack of the breaker plates occurring on the away side.
  • Breaker plates are self-cleaning, which reduces maintenance and service costs of your traveling breaker plate mill.
  • This non-clog hammer mill is designed and manufactured with the same heavy-duty construction as our standard Slugger Crusher, so it can handle whatever you need reduced.


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