For companies that need to dispose of large amounts of glass, it can be difficult to find an effective and safe method. You need a reliable machine that efficiently crushes glass to your desired size while keeping your employees safe. 


Williams Patent Crusher offers three unique glass crushing machines that can handle a variety of jobs. These durable glass crushers are the perfect solution for glass recycling and size reduction applications. Whether you need a glass bottle crusher or have a large, industrial application, Williams’ glass crusher machines meet your requirement. 

Williams’ glass crushing machines are backed by 150 years of experience, knowledge, and expert engineering. Our glass crushers operate simply to reduce particles to your desired size, in a cost-efficient and effective way. 

Learn more about our glass crusher machines below or contact a sales rep for more information. 

Glass Crusher Applications

Glass crusher machines from Williams can be used across a variety of industries and applications. From smaller objects like glass bottles to larger sheets of glass, our machines can handle your specific job. Our machines crush your glass down to the required size for proper recycling and other uses. 

Some common industries and applications of our machines include: 

  • Food & Beverage: glass food bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles 

  • Medical: laboratory equipment such as tubes and beakers 

  • Automotive & Construction: sheets of glass 



Reversible Impactors

Williams’ Reversible Impactors are among the most advanced of the secondary or tertiary crushers to achieve a high reduction ratio. Reversible Impactors, with their large unrestricted discharge opening, can be used as glass crushers for large, industrial jobs.



Roll Crushers

Williams’ Single and Double Roll Crushers are simple in design and construction, more suitable for smaller industrial applications. This economical and versatile machine is also available in a 15-inch (381mm) diameter version. This dust-tight model is ideal for glass crushing applications where it would be expensive to have dust collection air.



Williams Glass & Slag Recycling System

Williams’ Glass and Slag Recycling System is designed to process lump feed material in a fully enclosed, automated crushing circuit. Material is loaded into a grizzly hopper where it is transported by a feed conveyor to the crusher. The rugged, heavy duty Williams crusher is sized to meet your particular application.

The crusher includes a structural steel stand and discharge hopper where product drops on to a take-away conveyor. The product is then loaded into customer containers.

The system is fully automated to control all the supplied equipment from a single control panel, which allows for complete system startup and shutdown. A dust collector can be provided by Williams, or the customer can use their existing dust collection system if available.



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