Modular Roller Mill System Installed In Khazakstan

Modular Roller System Installed in Khazakstan - Williams Patent CrusherWilliams recently sold a DF-64 Pulverizer as part of a modular system. The mill and accessories were shipped to Alabama where the system was assembled and then dismantled for shipping to Khazakstan. The modular system has been reassembled at its final location and features our new heavy duty steel Roller Mill foundation. The Williams DF-64 Roller Mill is grinding 2” (50mm) x 0 barite, up to 4% to 5% moisture, to 97% minus 200 mesh (74 micron) product, dried to 0.2% or less surface moisture, at a product rate of 18 STPH (16.3 MTPH). Similar systems are currently in the works to ship to other locations around the world.

This is not the first time Williams has worked with a contractor to create a modular or mobile platform for one of our mills. If you have an application that requires special attention for a unique platform, we can customize mills and accessories to work for your application. Contact us today at (314) 621-3348 or email